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     SouthWoodfordCarpetCleaners cleans both mine and my parents' flats every week. Their cleaners are terrific. They keep our places absolutely pristine. I would very much recommend their services.
Anna E.21/05/2020
     I have used Carpet Cleaning Company South Woodford's cleaning service for quite a long time now in my home. They always work to please their customers and put the priorities of the customer first. I highly recommend them.
     My husband uses a walker after a broken leg. When I come home from work, I cook, clean and take care of him. It's a bit of a hassle. He wanted to help, so he called professional cleaner to our home for some house cleaning. I'm trying hard not to show the relief!
Harriet Connelly03/07/2019
     What a wonderful cleaning company SouthWoodfordCarpetCleaners is. I love how well they're able to get my home spotless, especially before big events, and then they help me clean up the inevitable mess that partygoers have made.
S. Barber28/06/2017
     I was very satisfied with the cleaning company I used to do my home cleaning. I didn't have a lot of interest in house work and preferred to pay the professionals to do the job. I hired cleaners from SouthWoodfordCarpetCleaners, and all I can say is that they did a superb service throughout my home. The cleaners arrived on time armed with plenty of detergent and tools and began the clean up. The lovely cleaners worked very hard and didn't miss a thing. They were careful and meticulous with my belongings. The service was absolutely amazing, thank you so much.
Willie Mckinney27/02/2015
     I was always of the impression that regular vacuuming was enough to keep carpets looking good. On a recent visit my mother-in-law, who has a really enviable collection of fine carpets in her home, told me about how she has her carpets professionally deep cleaned twice a year. She gave me the number for SouthWoodfordCarpetCleaners and the company cleaners explained to me how professional tools and cleaning techniques are needed to really get into the fibres and clean them without damaging the weft. The carpets in my house now look beautiful and I'm happy to know they are going to last much longer!
Aria F.19/09/2014
     I always end up leaving the house in a rush in the morning which means leaving it in a mess. By the time I get home I'm too tired to do anything but make dinner, ignore the mess around me and go to bed. After all of the nagging from my mother every time she comes around, I decided to hire a cleaner. I went with SouthWoodfordCarpetCleaners because my mum recommended them saying all of her friends go through them and I can see why. These cleaners are well trained, highly skilled and have years of experience.
     I'm not ashamed to say that I live in a fairly large home and there are huge areas to clean and things must be cleaned properly or they will be coated in dust before you know it. I also have some very expensive glassware and antiques that need to be cleaned properly, and professionally. The team from SouthWoodfordCarpetCleaners visit my property regularly and they are very reliable, hardworking and trustworthy with all of my possessions. I could not wish for a better service to look after my home, and give me the time and energy to enjoy the finer things in life.
Horatio Charles08/04/2014
     I didn't think that a cleaning company could impress me as much as SouthWoodfordCarpetCleaners have. I don't ever take the time to write reviews, but I feel as though this is the least I can do after such a great experienced! The customer service was excellent, and the staff were very helpful and attentive. My actual cleaner was very good at her job. She was both speedy and thorough, and I couldn't find one spot that she'd forgotten about in the whole house! This is a company that I have a lot of faith in, and I'll definitely be calling them again in the near future!

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